Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My VMWARE Fusion

Pretty soon PCs will be obsolete. And before you know it, machines will harvest humans like eggs from a hen for energy.

That's far into the future, and we're not talking of such dire truths here. We're talking about VMWARE fusion. As you can see in the screenshot I've taken on my MBP, I'm running windows in a virtual "bubble" (I require windows for work.) But I had no intention of buying a PC. The alternative would be this.

The virtual software runs like a physical machine but it's not; naturally, it's allocated by disk space. You could infer then, that someone could run multiple machines on one piece of hardware. And you would infer correctly. The only limit is disk space and memory. If someone has a lot of both, they can run as many virtual machines as necessary. 

That, in a nutshell, is my VMWARE Fusion.


jiggins said...

dude i'm stoked on that.. i'm a novice at the computer game - but i lov hearing about things like that. i am in the market for a high end, fast and powerful, energy efficient memory monster of a computer.. just don't know where to go. Any ideas? I was looking at Sony VAIO's cuz i like them.. though I know what you may say.. I dunno. Great post bud.

Afterdark said...

Glad ya' liked it.
Stay away from Sony, go HP. :) I'm biased though. Vaios have a great aesthetic quality that makes them really pleasing to look at--kinda like Macs. I like the reliability of HP but it can also be a little sexy; it's the caddilac of comps. Or you could always go mac and run vmware fusion :). Then you'd get a ton more.