Friday, November 21, 2008

Let's hope "Twilight" is at its twilight.

So, I was reading my daily dose of the NY Times this morning when I stumbled upon a new term that we might see appear in the DSM-IV, (obsessive Jonas disorder) OJD. Affecting mostly teen girls and some dandy boys, this mental disorder begins in the preteen raging hormonal stage and ends with a confused semi-delusional sense of self at who knows when. You've probably seen them aimlessly walking around your grocery store wearing skinny jeans and sunglasses indoors. They're bored, unproductive and daydreaming. Maybe they'll buy some Cheetos.

This term was found in a not so favorable yet not so heavy-handed review of "Twilight", a movie that has been adapted from Stephanie Meyer's fictional "The Twilight Saga." We can credit Manohla Dargis for this interesting bit of journalism. Twilight... the Joni...horny teens...what a vicious circle.

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